[Event] Great Day with Bungasari at SIAL Interfood 2016

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Great Day, Everyone!

Last Friday was my first time ever to visit a Food and Beverage Industry Exhibition, SIAL Interfood 2016. It was such a pleasant experience, and I think this is the most entertaining exhibition I've ever been! (Especially because Bungasari was there :D)

So, what is SIAL Interfood 2016? It is a collaboration between two strong powers in the food and beverage industry. SIAL GROUP, the world’s largest food exhibition network with 50 years of experience and INTERFOOD, the leading food and beverage exhibition in Indonesia, running for 14 years. The exhibition was held by SIAL Group and Krista Exhibitions from 09 – 12 November 2016 at the Jakarta International Expo, Kemayoran, Indonesia.

There are two ways to enter this exhibition, by Online Register or On-The-Spot, which I suggest you to register online because it's FREE, while you have to pay IDR 150K for OTS ticket.

Oh, I came in the third day of the exhibition which was weekday, and it was crowded! Wow, I can't believe the enthusiasm of the visitors.

By the way, one of the reason I went to this exhibition was because of Bungasari Flour Mills. Huh?
Well, I heard from my friends who went there since the first day that Bungasari are doing Cooking Demos and giving a lot of FREE Food Samples (Oopss.. haha), it excites me because I know that Bungasari has a lot of great products which means they will make great foods, to try of course :p
If you want to know more about Bungasari, you can check my previous post Baking Class with Bungasari.

Other than their three-main-products, which are Bola Salju, Golden Eagle, and Hana Emas, they also presented their newly-released products, Kabuki and Niji in this event. There are 2 variants of Kabuki, and the Super Premium Quality one is Kabuki Gold which is really suitable to make great-taste breads.

It was an easy-peasy to find Bungasari booth in Hall D because I think this is the most glorious booth in that Hall. Their concept is a Japanese traditional castle, because you know that they're from japan, even one of the slogan is 'Japan Quality Flour', that's what I always heard from their funny MC, Tony Wahyudi, during the event. And also, they started the event by dancing PPAP (Pen Pinapple Apple Pen) that attracted visitors attention.

In this third day, Bungasari was cooperating with Trisakti School of Tourism, one of the leading Tourism University in Jakarta, in order to support young Chefs in Indonesia. They showed a demo baking to make Japanese Choux and Éclair, I tried the samples (of course!) and it tasted reallyyyyy good, especially with cheese cream filling *drooling*

Right after that, they served me, I mean the visitors with a super yummy Ramen, and the sample wasn't just a tiny bowl but a BIG BOWL :O How can I leave their booth after such delicate samples?

Stay tune! They still have another Demo cooking, Acrobatic Pizza, you didn't missread it, it really is ACROBATIC. They invited Chef Sekiguchi from Pizza Doki, a specialist in Acrobatic Pizza. He can throw the pizza dough to the upside, left, right or wherever he wants without breaking it. Just check the picture below if you don't believe me :p

Oh, I also tried their Takoyaki, it was so delicious that I ate more than 5 balls. Sorry +GulanyaGulali  and @jajanbeken that I ate your portion lol.

Well, after I've had enough with the foods from Bungasari, I went around the exhibition for like the whole day. I was planning to go back home but suddenly it's raining soooo..... I went back to Bungasari booth and enjoy their Takoyaki again 😅

Anyway, that was the most interesting exhibition that I've ever been, like I told you in the beginning of the post. I can't wait to visit it again next year, exactly on 22 - 25 November 2017!

So everyone, see you next year at SIAL Interfood 2017!


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